Sunday, June 28, 2009

She's just not that into getting screamed at on the sidewalk

Dear asshole who called me beautiful, and then screamed in my face when I didn't reply;

I did not see your face, because I don't respond to creeps who cat call me on the street. But I'm sure you had an ugly mug that matched your hideous manners and frightful lack of respect for women. You're probably one of those sad types who lacked for love; maybe you weren't breastfed as a child or maybe your dad used to slap you around, so now because you feel so low, you decide to take it out on poor, unassuming girls on the street.

Men like you are the reason that women (especially in New York City) are constantly fearful, mistrustful, and wary of the other sex. These days, gentlemen are few and far, and it's gotten to the point where when I go out to a bar or a party, I've learned not to look for relationships, because most of the time the guy turns out to be a creep.

And you didn't really expect me to respond, do you? If I had responded positively, you probably would've either ignored me and make me seem like a fool, or else you would've become embarassed like the coward you are and pretend not to see me. And if I had snapped back at you or given you the finger, you probably would've just called me a bitch or a cunt.

We are not dogs. We do not respond to whistles, howling, fondling, or screaming. We are human beings. We are not your playthings, and we are not put on this earth for your amusement. What we want in a relationship is equality, and not to feel like we're your prize. We want to feel loved, but also give love in return. We don't want to be labeled. So if you think I'm beautiful, and you want to pursue something, ask me a question, what are my interests, what are my thoughts. Make eye contact with me. Look at me, and not my ass. If you're simply speaking out of your ass, then do yourself a favor and think before you speak. Unless you're a child who doesn't know better or you have some sort of mental disability where you lack obvious social skills, there is no excuse for behaving like a pig. I think I can speak for all females when I say if your porkish male ego is really that neglected, you should do yourself a favor and watch a couple of chick flicks and maybe perhaps have a hooker wearing heels stomp on your dick a few times so you get those unrealistic ideas of how to talk to women out of your head.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is, get a life and go fuck yourself.


P.S On a side note, this particular blog entry is obviously targeted towards heterosexual couples. I would include lesbian couples as well, but frankly, I've never met a girl who screams at other girls on the street if she thinks that she's hot.