Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spoiled brats and other fools

I saw the most infuriating television show while sleeping over at Todd's house last night and it reminded me why I no longer own or watch TV. The show was on MTV (of course) and it was called 'Teen Cribs' and it was kind of like a prequel to 'My Super Sweet 16'; basically a bunch of spoiled brats show off their hugeass mansion and the ridiculously excessive bedrooms and whatnot they had. I have never wanted to smack the TV more than when watching this shit. Why is watching other people brag about being rich for half an hour considered entertainment? I'd rather have my fingernails pulled out.

The absolute worst was when this one hick girl went outside to show off her many acres, and she went over to a pigpen and introduced her pet pig. She said, "This is Bacon, and one day he will become our breakfast". Who names the animal that they're going to eventually slaughter and eat? My recently more vegeterian attitudes aside-that's just sick. 

And another guy was showing off his 'Game Room' and showed his first kill, which was a deer head that was mounted on the wall. He dressed it up like Bob Marley. This is my generation. I am ashamed.

Speaking of ashamed, if you've picked up a newspaper or watched the news recently (I haven't in the past 2 days, I had to learn about this on facebook), you'll see that my school is being featured because a bunch of students thought that taking over a building and waving a bunch of anarchist signs around would get Bob Kerrey fired. And like idiots, they called the police and the police showed up...and tear-gased them and beat them. Which admittedly, was uncalled for...but it's so embarassing to be associated with these buffoons. Just look up 'New School Occupation' on youtube and you'll see what fun a liberal arts school can be!

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