Sunday, April 26, 2009

Susan Boyle

I am so sick and disgusted by all of the hype over Susan Boyle. Don't get me wrong. From that 5 minute audition I saw of her, I think she's funny and she has a lovely voice. She's talented, but definitely not the most amazing thing since single packets of cheese slices. If it Susan Boyle was 'pretty' by American standards, she would not have as much of a following. The reason for the explosion over her is because everyone was so surprised that someone that didn't look like a movie star could actually be talented. And Simon Cowell and all of the other ignorant asshole judges, along with the audience, wrote her off as soon as she came onstage because of her appearance and her age. I find it extremely offensive that everyone had such a cathartic reaction once she opened her mouth and started to sing. The audience and judges were on their feet and screaming/clapping/crying within minutes. They might as well have been screaming, "OH MY GOD! AN UGLY PERSON CAN SING! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!" And the tears from the judges? Give me a fucking break. Let's ignore the fact that I have a conspiracy theory about that whole audition and think it was probably staged (I mean come on, it is reality TV. It's all about 35% real). But for what reason should America be moved to tears? Because someone with average looks proved that they have talent? What does that say about us as people?

Now she's an overnight sensation. She'll probably end up with a record deal. Which is wonderful for her, but it's terribly sad and pathetic how it all came to be. I think that Susan Boyle gets the last laugh. Because her sudden fame is based on the shallowness of a nation.


  1. yeah i kind of thought it was weird how everyone is freaking out too, i mean i think she's great, don't get me wrong. but like why is everyone so surprised she can sing? I wasnt aware only beautiful people can sing. And like why must everyone point out her looks? its kind of sad.

  2. the shallowness of MULTIPLE nations. if she had performed behind a screen simon would have yawned and said "next!" she's PRETTY good but not weeping-all-over-ourselves good. godfuckingchristshitdamnit.